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    Social Time

    From 05/30/17 10:30 am until 12:00 pm
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    Dates: Tuesday & Thursdays
    Time: Drop in any time from 10:30 - noon
    Facilitator: None—this is just a time to gather.
    Cost: Free, donations welcome!
    Child Care: Bring your child to socialize with peers - you can keep an eye on them while you relax.
    Registration Not Required: Drop in any time

    Our Family Resource Center allows parents and other caregivers to socialize, share advice, and celebrate the trials and thrills of child rearing while children play with peers. Siblings of all ages are welcome. Make it a date! Bring baby and lunch and meet your spouse or friends, or just come in to get out of the house. Our living room, play area, magazine rack, WiFi, and tables are open to all.

    Please call, (505) 662-4515, or email with requests for programs, support groups, or classes.